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PHP Development Team

PHP is a very popular programming language that enables the development of complex web applications. It was created in 1995 and has since become a prime choice for building online software applications that run in web browsers. PHP is used by some of the most well-known technology companies, proving its suitability for business applications. Astec has built many custom enterprise-class PHP web applications throughout the years, making use of its object-oriented programming capabilities to achieve the highest level of software code quality. Building PHP applications that are able to serve thousands or millions of users requires a professional approach to software development and the ability to combine the technology with other proven solutions.


Developed PHP Applications

Astec is serving clients with custom software development services since 1993. While the number of successfully delivered projects is extensive and most are protected by non-disclosure agreements, we are happy to showcase the following PHP web applications that were developed by PHP development teams from Astec:

  1. Rublon
    Employee two-factor authentication

    Rublon is a complex cloud-based software solution

  2. Lunchplate
    Group lunch orders

Nearshore PHP Developers

Astec is headquartered in Poland with offices in the country’s leading technology hubs. Gain the most value from your custom software investment by leveraging the benefits enabled by the nearshore model, together with Astec as your experienced partner.

  1. Quick project start
    Take advantage of Astec’s employee pool and talent sourcing capabilities to
  2. Agile development
  3. Business-oriented management
  4. English-speaking team
  5. Senior talent
  6. Onsite meetings
  7. Daily reports
  8. Team well-being
  9. Competitive rates 

PHP Development Frameworks

Astec uses proven PHP frameworks that support every PHP development project. As each case is different, the tech stack used for your project will be tailored specifically in order to achieve the best results.

  1. Laravel development
  2. Symfony development
  3. Yii development
  4. CodeIgniter development
  5. CakePHP development
  6. Zend Framework development

PHP Development Environments

Astec is known for using the very best of developer tools available on the market. This allows the team to increase development speed while minimizing the probability of human errors. Our PHP development teams use the following tools to augment their work:

  • PhpStorm

  • Eclipse


Michal Wendrowski
Commercial Director
+48 883 314 014

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