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Astec IT Services Sp. z o.o. carries out a project financed from European Funds:
„Export development of Astec IT Services through participation in trade fairs and conducting economic missions”

The export product of Astec IT Services is the development of innovative digital products and services. The company carries out activities in selected global markets, including the USA, Germany and the United Kingdom.

The material effect of the project is the participation in international trade fairs of global scope as an exhibitor and the participation in economic missions abroad.

Goals of the project:

  1. Employment growth
  2. Increase of export revenues by over 15%
  3. Increase of signed commercial contracts with foreign clients thanks to establishing trade contacts and negotiations with foreign partners
  4. Increase in competitiveness

The implementation of the project will enable undertaking investment activities and further development of sales and entry with innovations to target markets.

Continuous development of the company and production capacities have led to the decision to expand export activities. We have selected new export markets, international events and prepared a coherent export strategy.

Project value: 334.237,50 PLN

Contribution of European Funds: 277.601,50 PLN

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