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Nearshore IT software development in Poland

Astec provides companies with English-speaking Scrum teams that build and maintain software in its offices in Poland, the home of the world’s best Java talent. Use this to your advantage!

Astec for Enterprises

Business processes of some of the largest European companies are based on software that was developed by Astec. Thanks to our flexibility and adaptability we are able to act quickly and meet individual requirements.

Astec for IT Service Providers

IT service providers work with us to grow faster, to deliver larger projects, to gain access to expertise and to increase profit margins. Our teams are white-label departments of our clients.

Astec for Startups

Startups require know-how for the development of digital products based on the latest technologies. Since we have built several successful software products ourselves, we are the right technology partner for startups. Some of the world's most famous startups have been developed by remote teams.


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