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MDT - Magik Development Tools

MDT (Magik Development Tools) is a research and development project realized by ASTEC Sp. z o.o.. Concerning innovation of the project and international range it is financed from Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education funds dedicated for realization of the targeted projects.

Project started in March 2006. Main aim of industry research was to begin implementation of commercial version of Magik Development Tools for developers.    

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MDT is a flexible, intuitive and standardized visual IDE for GE Smallworld GIS developers. MDT is based on Eclipse which enables wide use of already existing solutions and plug-ins.

The MDT suite is a powerful combination of existing approaches and modern programming features such as team work, repository management, context hints, and syntax colorizing. The MDT framework supports business needs such as efficient rapid Smallworld™ application development as well as scalability and the ability to build extensions and advanced tools based on the Eclipse plug-in technology.

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