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MDT Enterprise

Thanks to the successful launch of MDT, ASTEC is continuing its R&D activities through the development of MDT Enterprise. The project is co-financed under the Operational Program Innovative Economy, action 1.4-4.1 "Support for research and development along with implementation of the results of this work.”

Work on MDT Enterprise has started in January 2010. At the end of April 2011 the application’s development is planned to end. The launch and sale of MDT Enterprise is expected to start in July 2010.

About MDT Enterprise

The main objective of the project is to develop a new improved version of MDT which will support the comprehensive management of the IT project lifecycle based on the GE Smallworld™ GIS platform and will provide tools for all project team members: project managers, analysts and developers.

MDT Enterprise will be designed using the latest programming technologies related to object-oriented modeling techniques. It should bring to its users significant added value in comparison with the already available version of MDT. This can be achieved by the following:

  • New features for Magik programmers such as new GUI elements, e.g. graphic editors which improve work on the project and enable monitoring of the project structure and links between elements;
  • Innovative tools for analysts and IT system architects which allow to work in a single programming environment in Java, XML, Enterprise Architecture Integration (EAI), Web Services, Smallworld™ SIAS, the geo-server Smallworld™ GSS, in order to integrate and model IT systems in service-oriented architectures (SOA);
  • Project management solutions used by project managers that will help in managing assigned tasks, track issues, risk management, testing, bug-fixing and source code repositories.

The above-mentioned improvements introduced in MDT Enterprise will allow faster market launches of GIS applications and help in the efficient management of highly complex IT projects.

MDT Enterprise
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