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Rublon Enterprise

Rublon Enterprise - is an authentication system which can be used by independent organizations to build its own products or services which require easy and secure customer authentication. This can be e-commerce businesses or standard ones where automate authentication is required. The Rublon Enterprise is based on Rublon technology.

Some possible applications of Rublon Enterprise could be:

  • building own authentication system, including SSO (Single Sign-on), which could secure access to enterprise resources. Rublon does not need any additional hardware and can draw benefits from growing an idea of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in businesses.

  • creating new IT products and services especially web-based, which require strong and easy to use authentication system. The products can use either its own or public Rublon infrastructure.

  • building real world products, self-service devices where customers have to be identified. This could be loyalty, payment systems, self-service ticket devices, etc.

Depending on requirements Rublon Enterprise can use either QR-Codes, NFC or any other means of communication.

Rublon Enterprise

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