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Mobile online & offline client for Smallworld™

What is Gislet?

Gislet is a mobile field service solution to access company data wherever you need it. It presents spatial data on your mobile device, e.g. on a smartphone or tablet. It provides rapid and interactive access in both online & offline modes over wireless networks or directly from the storage system of the mobile device. Gislet helps you to reach your destination.

A solution for field workers

Gislet is designed for field workers who need interactive access to maps and asset data in the field. Thanks to Gislet they will know where their company’s assets are, what they are, and how they are connected to the utility, telecommunication or other industry networks.

Why Gislet?

With Gislet you can take your maps, plans and all the needed data out of your office. You can search through your company’s assets, view selected objects and theirs parameters, display maps from external sources, view your current location or select your destination point and switch to navigation mode.

Gislet on Motorola ET1

Go mobile with your asset data in online & offline mode!

  • Access the company data wherever you need it
  • Work with maps and data in the field
  • Reach your destination easily
  • Work in online or offline mode
  • Find objects and view their details
  • Make notes and mark objects on the map
More information is available on our new, dedicated portal
ASTEC Gislet

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